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A custom console was fabricated to house the shift boot and brake bias control.
Both an on-board Cold Fire system and portable extinguisher are employed.
OEM Girling front discs brakes feature Porterfield pads. Note cooling duct.
The OEM lower mount was modified to accommodate the adjustable VariShock.

Co-owner Steve Sanett has been enamored of the Daimler SP250 since he was in high school; it was his first car. That first Daimler has undergone a tremendous transformation over the years, and is undoubtedly the most elaborate and modified SP250 on the planet. Check it out at: http://www.britishv8.org/Other/SteveSanett.htm

He also has a beautifully restored stock Daimler. Sanett is also a long-time competitor in vintage racing and has a very fast Porsche RSR and an immaculate 1956 Lotus 11. He thought it would be cool to also race a Daimler, and when one came up on eBay he asked Holland, a long-time hot rodder who had a desire to race sports cars, if he'd like to partner up on the car and share the driving.

While the original concept was to get a race-proven car and hit the ground running, close inspection of the car showed that much work was necessary. All the safety equipment was outdated or not up to current specs, you could wiggle the steering wheel over an inch, and it was painfully obvious that extensive work would be required. Accordingly, "Wanda" underwent a complete frame-off restoration and rejuvenation.

The fiberglass body was lifted off the chassis and refinished in its original color, "mountain blue." The engine and transmission were set aside and the chassis stripped to the bare bone. After sandblasting it was refitted with a 7-point removable roll bar (replacing the former 3-point design) and the rear suspension updated with two link bars and a Panhard bar, along with double adjustable tube-type shocks replacing the original lever-style units per SVRA rules. An anti-sway bar was also added. The stock leaf springs were linked to a "slider" rear mount. The stock suspension was retained up front, with a torsion bar added for stability.
Wanda came with rack & pinion steering out of a Triumph Spitfire and everything north was replaced with hefty 3/4 " shaft, U-joints and support bearings.

All of the safety modifications were covered in a 7-page article published in the November, 2014 issue of Classic Motorsports magazine. It's reprinted in its entirety elsewhere on this site.

The frame and roll bar were powder coated in a black "wrinkle" finish and all components were reattached using ARP stainless steel hardware.

Much of the work was done by the owners and the crew at Penta Motorsports.
Additional fabrication work was performed by Jim Hendrix at John James Racing (Chandler, AZ) and Custom Built Machines (John Schiess) of Chatsworth, CA.

Lightened Speedway Engineering torsion bar arms and brake duct scoop.
An adjustable 6" x 6" headrest meets racing association requirements.
setab oil coller
A Setrab oil cooler sits in front of the radiator. XRP plumbing is used.
brake bulkhead
Oil cooler fitting passes through the bulkhead. Note brake duct setup.
accelerator pedal
OEM Daimler accelerator pedal has been drilled to match the Wilwood unit.
disk brake assembly
Stock Girling disc brake assembly is used in the rear. Note fuel lines.
rear end puke
A rear end housing vent assembly culminates in this trunk-mounted tank.
rear end puke
Housing bracket accommodates link bar, Panhard bar and sway bar link.
rear end puke
OEM lever shock was replaced with double-adjustable Varishock in
same location.
rear end puke
Adjustable bracket supports seat the Kirkey seat and properly spaces
the harness.
rear end puke
The clutch is actuated by a Wilwood "pull type" slave cylinder.
rear end puke
Red hook complies with rules, the gold hook is used for chassis tie-down in trailer.
rear end puke
A compact bracket was fabricated to position the transponder in the nose.
rear end puke
Attention to detail is evident is the tidy wiring job. All gauges are mechanical.
rear end puke
A precision-splined SFI 42.1 quick-release hub from M-W helps driver entry/exit and is an important safety aid.
rear end puke
The exhaust system consists of Penta "Tri-Y" headers and pipes. All are electroless nickel plated. Mufflers are employed for venues that require them.

rear end puke
With engine removed, steering, brake lines, brake air duct and vent system (engine)
are visible.